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Re: 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

In a message dated 95-11-10 15:30:01 EST, you write:

>Nevertheless, the fact that there is only one correct "teleological" order
>the books in a library, and scadrillions of incorrect orderings, produces a
>distinct gradient that is very costly to climb toward order and very easy to
>coast down into disorder. If we assume all the books are the same size and
>weight, one can disorganize the library without doing any physical work at
>all, since the books will be reordered onto the same shelves they were
>originally seated on, and for every book moved to a different shelf, another
>book will be moved into the space formerly occupied. But it still takes
>energy to do this.

Granted.  But the teleological order is superimposed on top of the
thermodynamic order and is at least one step beyond it conceptually.  While
it does take energy to alphabetize the library (or sort books by size, color,
topic, age etc.) how relevent is this to the question of NATURAL processes
without minds ordering them?  I submit that evolution is a natural process
and not analogous to alphabetizing or any other higher conceptual function.
Even those functions peculiar to the reproduction of biological organisms do
not appear to require a guiding "mind" but just the elaboration of purely
natural processes which can be described in mathematical terms and game
theory.  I still submit that the over-anthropomorphic way in which we
interpret biology gives us the false idea that the universe (and especially
the biosphere) is artifactual in a crude way which plays into the hands of
the creationists.