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Re: Baugh's pterosaur story

>   That is, I am pretty sure (and will check to be sure) that 
>somewhere in A.C. Doyle's _Lost World_ there is a reference to a 
>similar incident. If so, it would probably only mean that Doyle had 
>culled the story from the original newspaper account described by 

Not exactly.  Doyle's intrepid band find living pterosaurs on Maple White
Land, the plateau in South America that also hosts everything from
iguanodonts to ape-men.  Professor Challenger captures one and brings it to
London, where - to great consternation - he produces it at a public meeting.
Unfortunately it escapes out a window, and is last seen winging its way
across the Atlantic, bound for South America.

Other than the fact that pterosaurs are involved there is no similarity
between this and the so-called "incident" in the tunnel.
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