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fight or flight

Rachel was speculating that a prey's response would be fight or flight and
was asking for opinions for a list of prey.

I think that there is at least one other response and that is freeze. That
could aslo be differentiated from one other response, hunker down. Neither of
these actions are really firght because they so not take any aggressive
actions. A possum is a good example of freeze (they really do). There are
probably several other lesser know animals that respond this way such as
armidillos.  The hunker down response would be like a porcupine, hedgehog,
turtles, and other spiked animals. This may be the actions of the armoured
dinos for example. (my cat is helping me write this)

almost forgot about the most obvious response not of the For F variety, that
of display. Gorillas of course pound their chests and many animals use
display for inter or intra species  (non)combat.

Any how I think that these and perhaps other responses whould be considered
in addition to fight and flight.

Incidentially I like your guys, Ratchel,  better than the hiss hiss of Red

And for the "toad in a rock" discussion, there are several species of western
frogs that go thru a very breief grow, copulate, and dig a hole" life style
so that most of the year they are buried in mud (under very hard stuff)
waiting for the next rain if any. These could be interpreted by some
impressionable types to be frogs in a rock.

paul sparks