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Chinese Dino Prints (c/o Reuters)

>From this afternoon's Reuters News Summary:

>          BEIJING, Nov 12 (Reuter) - China has found 20 footprints
> made by dinosaurs as they waddled or galloped across the plains
> of north China about 130 million years ago, Xinhua news agency
> said on Sunday.
>          About 100 of the footprints have now been found in the area,
> it said. The largest measures 60 cm (23 in) by 50 cm (20 in),
> while the smallest is 20 cm (8 in) by 14 cm (5.5 in).
>          The footprints show some of the dinosaurs were waddling and
> some were galloping with only their toes touching the ground,
> Xinhua quoted Chinese experts as saying.

from Laurie Fletcher
Woodbine, MD