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Re: Baugh's pterosaur story

    Darren Naish recently posted a follow up to my review of 
creationist Carl Baugh's claims, explaining the history of the story of 
the pterosaur that stumbled out of a broken rock.
    I thank him for the additional information.  I want to mention, 
however, that Baugh's version (and my recounting of it) did not mention 
a rail tunnel--only that some workmen in a quarry broke open a rock, 
and out staggered the pterodactyl.  Also, Naish and I may both be 
right.  That is, I am pretty sure (and will check to be sure) that 
somewhere in A.C. Doyle's _Lost World_ there is a reference to a 
similar incident. If so, it would probably only mean that Doyle had 
culled the story from the original newspaper account described by 
    One last thing.  I agree that the account may have been derived or 
inspired by accounts of frogs or other animals coming out of broken 
rocks.  While some of those probably are hoaxes, at least some probably 
have some basis in truth.  Perhaps the most plausible explanation 
(described in several sources) is that some eggs or tadpoles are 
deposited or washed into a cavity in a rock.  One of the tadpoles might 
survive and even grow into an adult, if enough water was present or 
occassionally washed in, and enough insects wandered by for food.  The 
frog might survive quite a while in this condition,  though leading a 
pathetically boring life (until the rock was broke open, providing 
enough excitement to make up for the boring period). 

Glen J. Kuban