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Re: comet at K/T boundary

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Date: 11/10/95 6:31PM
To: Kay A Ferrari at jpl-pao
Subject: Re: comet at K/T boundary

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I am forwarding this response to the recent K/T thread from Adriana Ocampo who, 
along with Dr. Kevin Baines (also from JPL), Dr. Kevin Pope of Geo Eco Arc 
Research, and Dr. Boris Ivanov of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, 
have studied the Chicxulub site extensively.  These are her words:  

Hi Kay

Thanks for sending me copies of the K/T msgs. I was just talking to
Gene Shoemaker and he did believe that the bolide for Chicxulub was a comet.
He mentioned that he did the calculations, and the probabilities are much better
for a comet to impact the Earth just because there a lot more of them, such
as in the Oort cloud.

W.R.T. to the Geology article that they were talking about in Geology I think
that person misinterpreted. I was at a conf. this week talking to Gerta
Keller from Princeton who is one of the authors of the article and that is not
what she said. Please do refer them to our paper in Earth and Planetary Science;
Letters 128 (1994) pg.719-725 (Impact winter and the K/T extinctions: results
ofa Chicxulub asteroid impact model) that talks about the causes of
the extinction; in short, the Sulfur did it and dinosaurs froze.

Warm regards,

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