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Re: Dino Eggs

 From: shaun@wavenet.com (Shaun T Cronin)
 > I was browsing through the "Jurassic Store" loacated in Santa Monic, LA
 > today. The store has a lot of fossils for sale, including Dino eggs. The
 > eggs the store had were (so they claimed) from a Hadrosaur, Velociraptor
 > and a T-Rex.
 > My question is how do they know which egg is which. 

With a very few exceptions, they *don`t*.

Unless eggs of that sort were found in direct association with bones,
or one has been found with an embryo inside, the identity of a dino
egg is pure guesswork.

We are slowly gaining enough knowledge of dino egg anatomy to that
in a few years we may be able to identify an isolated egg down to
the main dinosaur group it belongs to.

As far as I know there have bee NO confirmed finds of Tyrannosaurus
rex eggs, and I do not known of many confirmed dromaeosaur eggs,
let alone Velociraptor eggs.  Given the large number of confirmed
hadrosaur eggs, it *may* be possible to correctly identify an egg
as belonging to that group in general.  However, I would not trust
the identifications of somebody whoe claimed to have a T. rex. egg.
[I.e. these guys are blowing smoke].

One of the better recent sources on this issue is "Dinosaur Eggs
and Babies", and even it predates the discovery that many of the
supposed Protoceratops eggs were actually Oviraptor eggs.

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