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Re: Re: All those apsids

>>Within Reptilia are two major divisions
>>Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
>Are the euryapsids no longer classified as a monphyletic group?  I see you
>include ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs among diapsids (placodonts, mesosaurs
>and nothosaurs too, I suppose?).

Mesosaurs may be anapsids, or may be nonreptilian sauropsids (i.e., outside
of the turtle + diapsid clade).  Placodonts, nothosaurs, pachypleurosaurs
(once included in the nothosaurs) and plesiosaurs are a monophyletic group,
to which both Euryapsida and Sauropterygia have been applied.  Ichthyosaurs
are problematic, but show no strong affinity for the sauropterygians.

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