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Re: Dino Eggs

Shaun wrote:-
> The
> eggs the store had were (so they claimed) from a Hadrosaur, Velociraptor
> and a T-Rex.
> My question is how do they know which egg is which. I
> know that embyro fossils have been found but aren't they rare?

Yes they are rare and no they don't know which dinosaur laid which 
egg.  I think they were just guessing.....perhaps even an 'educated' 
guess, but unless they find the embryonic remains of a dinosaur 
insude an egg, and that the remains are diagnostic, thenthey cannot 
say which egg was laid by which animal..

There is no T. rex egg known...the one that is supposed to be T. rex 
is probably something quite different....perhaps even a segnosaur of 
some sort... the hadrosaur eggs were once thought to be sauropod, but 
there is still a lot of discussion over that as no remains have been 
identifiable from within the eggs yet... as for Velociraptor 
eggs....never heard of them... I know that there are definitely some 
segnosaur eggs and an oviraptor egg that have been positively 
identified, but that is about it....(off the top of my head).