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RE: Cryptozoology and Sightings

This turtle is more commonly known as the alligator snapping turtle and is
fairly common in the South.  An adult can weigh about 250 pounds.  I have
heard that they are powerful enough to break wooden boat oars with their
huge, muscular jaws.  They move infrequently and slowly (except for their
heads) and lie at the bottoms of creeks with their jaws widely agape
wiggling their worm-like tongue to lure hapless fish into their mouths.  (I
once saw one in a posture similar to this lying in the middle of the road --
why he was doing this I do not know.  He was huge though -- he stretched
more than halfway across the lane).  They look distinctly prehistoric.

Van Smith

At 09:26 PM 10/30/95 -0500, Steve Grenard wrote:
>I thought I knew every turtle there was extant and I never heard of
>the Mississippi Loggerhead. I've heard of a sea turtle called the
>loggerhead and I've heard of the freshwater Loggerhead Musk Turtle
>but no Miss. Loggerhead.  Can you provide the scientific name?