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try again....Sorry...another ref.

Looks like the net didn't like my first delivery so here it is again.

Sorry people about sending in so many letters with only ref.s lately. I'm
just getting lots of mail....I love it too....and I thought you may like to
know. Anyway this just arrived from Armand de Ricqels:

Ricqels, A., and Zylerberg, L., 1995,
"Analyse paleohistologique d'une serie de croissance partielle chez _
Lapparentosaurus madagascariensis _ (Jurassic Moyen): Essai sur la
dynamique de croissance d'un dinosaure sauropode."
Annals de Paleontologie, v. 81, p. 49-86.

A very good and interesting article of the mid-Jurassic sauropod.  They
conclude that amongst adult samples, boen strain could be observed, and it
possibly took ten decades for it to reach the adult stage.  In conclusion,
their data fully supports the concept that sauropods were land-dwelling
dinosaurs, and (for those who love this debate) -- mass endothermy (or

Darren Grocke