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Conference in Brisbane...

Apologies to those not in Australia - this message will be of little
relevance to you.

Proposed Palaeontology Conference for Postgraduate Students to be held in
S.E. Queensland...

The idea - A conference geared specifically for palaeontology students (but
supervisors and keen undergrads can apply) - to gives all us geographically
challenged types a chance to get together and exchange ideas / have some fun.

The place - North Stradbroke Island, in Morton Bay (very nice, and close to
Brisbane). The University of Queensland has a research station (dormitory
accomodation) with all the necessary facilities in Dunwich on the island.
There are excellent surfing beaches, fishing, boating, horse-riding etc. on
the island...

The cost - uncertain as yet, but standard university rates are $12 per
person per day, and we are fairly sure that we can get a substantial
reduction on this.  We shall make everything as cheap as possible to
mitigate against the travel costs of coming from other states.

Dates - around 3 to 4 days some time around (but probably not on) the Easter
break in 1996.  Possibilities are the 1st or 3rd week of April.

This will be a proper conference so any funding you can usually get to help
out with transport costs should apply.

What we need now - some shows of hands from those who would like to attend.
Also any possible titles of talks, either presentations or group discussions
etc., ideas for discussion groups, and any other wacky ideas that you might
have which you think might be fun (and interest other people).  Please
indicate preference for one (or none) of the two possible weeks mentioned
above.  Also, if there are any field sites near to Brisbane which you have a
burning desire to visit then let us know.

Reply to Colin McHenry (s172579@student.uq.edu.au) 
As soon as possible please.

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