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"Psychro-" means "cold."  Webster's Seventh New Collegiate
Dictionary gives "psychrometer" and "psychrophilic" as English
words which contain this element.  It's from the Greek word
"psychros" (or "psukhros"), an adjective meaning "cold."  According
to the standard Greek-English Lexicon (Liddell & Scott), it 
originally meant "cooled by blowing" and is related to the verb
"psycho" ("psukho"), "blow," "breathe," "make cool."  The English
element psycho- is from the Greek word "psyche" ("psukhe"),
"life," "ghost," "departed spirit," "conscious self," "spirit,"
which Webster's thinks is akin to the verb meaning "to breathe,"
but Liddell & Scott pour cold water on that theory.  Anyway,
"psychro-" means "cold," whether or not it has anything to do
with Psych, psychotics, or psychosomatics.

George Pesely                      peselyg@lynx.apsu.edu
Austin Peay State University
Clarksville, Tennessee