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Re: Cryptozoology

>     I for one do not mind the serious side of cryptozoology being
>discussed here IF someone had credible, verifiable evidence of a 
>prehistoric reptile thought to be extinct still exists.  So far, I have 
>seen nothing like that here or elsewhere, and I used to follow the 
>cryptozoologists quite closely (evey subscribing to the Journal of the 
>International Society of Cryptozoology).  Although there are some 
>serious people in the "movement", most cryptozoology enthusiasts seem a 
>little too eager to visualize zebras (or unicorns?) rather than horses 
>when they hear hoofbeats.  The bulk of cryptozoological dicusscussion 
>seems to focus largely on dubious claims relating to things like Nessie 
>and Bigfoot.  Until someone comes up with a carcass of either, I would 
>prefer those who see a Sasquatch behind every other tree try to contain 
>themselves, or perhaps start their own forum.   :]
 I sure hope you're not suggesting that I am unscientific or unreliable or
paranoid or whatever, because that's the last thing I am. I sure hope I
haven't given that impression. For example, I do not have a lot of faith
in the sasquatch or the Loch Ness montser. In my previous posts I was
simply stating the pros behind the Loch Ness monster. 

I _do_ believe there are large unknown animals out there, but I don't
think everyone is, or has to be, a living dinosaur or giant amphibian or
somehting wondeful. Iam just as interested in new species of hummingbirds
and small unknwon life as I am in the large "superstars". I personally
have more faiuth in the idea that the mokele-mbembe is a type of yet
undiscovered amphibious reptile, and not a living dinosaur. As much as I'd
like to see a living dinosaur, I don't think that thoery is as plausible
as a new species of amphibious reptile.

And one more thing: I hate it wqhen people think that if cryptozoologists
find something that isn't as exciting as a living dinosaur, they juts
discard it. That's just BS. Cryptozoology is not only interested in the
superstars but also new species of animals, no matter how big or small.