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Re: Re: There Be Dragons

>From: Thomas_R_HOLTZ@umail.umd.edu (th81)
> > From: bz050@freenet.carleton.ca
> > >You call hundreds of eyewitness accounts insuffiecient evidence?!
> > 
> > Yes.  Hundreds of eyewitnesses have seen Elvis walking the halls of
> > K-Marts across America, but that doesn't invalidate the conclusions
> > of his death certificate.  I used to be into cryptozoology, ancient
> > astronauts, etc., until I came to an important discovery: people lie.
>And even more important, people make mistakes.
>I once saw a flying saucer.  At least that is what my mind saw.
>A few minutes investigations proved it to be a bird (a nighthawk
>to be precise).
Yes, but can we truly say that every sighting of MM was a mistake or a lie?

>A quick glimpse of a largish animal out in the middle of a featureless
>expanse of water can be easily mistaken for something truly unusual.
>And Loch Ness has one of the largest races of otter in Europe.
Oh, comeon. An otter is a tiny animal compared to the sizes reported for
the Loch monster. Besides, many repots report the distinct absensce of hair.