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Cryptozoology and Sightings

Glen J. Kuban writes (To my knowledge no freshwater 
turtles with a shell over a meter long are known).<

While this maybe the case, sizewise, the mississippi loggerhead turtle can
become very big. The Memphis zoo has one real close to this size. 

While I am NOT defending the sightings in any way, this particular sighting,
of a big ole turtle MIGHT have happened.

I for one would like to see the end of this string. Whether or not
cryptozoology has merit, as a field of study, is not the point. In the
distant past we have thrown fire bombs at one another over various issues,
and expressed deepfelt emotions, let us eschew another flame war. Let those
that believe dinosaurs still live believe in peace. Let those that refuse to
believe stand their ground.

While I personally feel we should freely express the thoughts we have, I have
learned thet this is not the forum for all subjects. I have also come to
understand that without this limitation we diminish our efforts to promote
the study of paleontology in general and dinosaur study particularly. Sure,
there are fringe subjects that relate to dinosaurs, and limited dicourse on
these subjects should be encouraged. Let us resolve to focus on the study of
dinosaurs, and not monopolize the list with subjects without appeal to the
body of subscribers.

Now, did anyone else notice the tail marks on the last episode of PaleoWorld,
concerning trackways? Can anyone contact any of the scientist involved in
that show, and find out if this is tail to ground contact is less rare than
previously believed.( Notice I didn't  say dragging). Counting the Clayton,
NM site, and the one possiblely seen on TV, that makes two!

Does anyone have any material on the damaged tail verts in sauropods, not
refs, as my library access is so limited as to be nonexistant?

Thanks, and let's keep things cool, if we can.

Roger A. Stephenson