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Re: Cryptozoology

     I for one do not mind the serious side of cryptozoology being
discussed here IF someone had credible, verifiable evidence of a 
prehistoric reptile thought to be extinct still exists.  So far, I have 
seen nothing like that here or elsewhere, and I used to follow the 
cryptozoologists quite closely (evey subscribing to the Journal of the 
International Society of Cryptozoology).  Although there are some 
serious people in the "movement", most cryptozoology enthusiasts seem a 
little too eager to visualize zebras (or unicorns?) rather than horses 
when they hear hoofbeats.  The bulk of cryptozoological dicusscussion 
seems to focus largely on dubious claims relating to things like Nessie 
and Bigfoot.  Until someone comes up with a carcass of either, I would 
prefer those who see a Sasquatch behind every other tree try to contain 
themselves, or perhaps start their own forum.   :]

Glen K.