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> You call hundreds of eyewitness accounts insuffiecient evidence?! (Ben)

If we're still talking Mokele-Mbembe, I have to say that there have never -
_never_ - been hundreds of sightings. In fact, statistics are often grossly
exaggerated in crypto books, I have read of '10s of 1000s of Nessie sightings',
whereas the real figure (if you count all the ones published) is less than 150,
more than half of which are really dodgy. [Sources: Binns, R. and Bord, C. &
Bord, J.]

> You knwo
> how hard it is for scientists to locate forest elephants? And these are
> creatures that we know exist,

Forest elephants themselves are tricky critters, _if_ you are talking the
'dwarf' elephants only recently captured on film. _Loxodonta africana cyclotis_
is well known, but not as well as its savannah cousin. 


Apparently, forest elephants have 4 nails on their fore feet, while savannah
elephants have 3.. forest elephants have 5 nails on their hind feet, while
savannah elephants have 4. Consider that this amount of variation is displayed
within a single species, yet there we are arguing about the very presence of
'nails' in sauropod feet (well, we are here). Does anybody know if it is
possible to elucidate the presence of nails by looking at elephant's terminal

I am a little annoyed by extra hooves and nails in restorations of sauropods,
when there is only evidence for the claws. But might the feet of elephants prove
suspected absence of sauropod nails a little rash. Anyone? From what I know of
(what is known of) the feet of _Opisthocoelicaudia_, this sauropod seems to have
had the most reduced phalangeal count of them all, and had a unusually low
number of unguals. I know McIntosh comments on this in WDO.. can anyone make
any comments? Does this configuration (whatever that might turn out to be) say
anything about phylogenetic position of this sauropod? Anyone? 

Has my post about DISH appeared in anyone's mailbox??

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