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A 13-year-old, at the SVP meeting?!! Preposterous!


(Here is a little story from the Raptor)

Now that I have a little info on this here meeting, I PLAN to attend.  I will
probably take off from school Wed., Thurs., and Fri. -- they won't mind since
I am learning even more than I would in school.  ;)  My dad will probably be
taking me down to Pittsburgh ("only" an 8-hour-drive from our little NJ town)
Tuesday afternoon.  I'll be bringing the camcorder, camera, a hand-held audio
recorder (for recording conversations), lots of paper to take notes, my
sketch pad -- let's not forget my entire "wimpy" collection of dinosaur books
so I can get autographs!  I talked to that Carnegie lady on the phone today,
and she told me some of the events, and some of the people who were going.
 Sounds like fun!!!  I am finally going to be among my kind!!

Does anyone have any suggestions about what I should take with me, or what
will be going on, or who will be going?  I know Jack H., G.O. and GSP are
going, but who else??

I heard that Bakker won't be showing up.  Tis is be true?


Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark)