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Re Re Diversity Maastrichtian

>If the Barun Goyot and Djadochta Formations are late Campanian (as >they
seem to be), together with the Judith River Group (demonstrably late
>Campanian for the most part), than the Campanian in general and the >late
Campanian in particular is the known peak in dinosaurian diversity,
>followed by the Kimmeridgian and the late Maastrichtian.

The above is identical with my information as that the Maastrichtian shows
after the Campanian the second large diversity en the Kimmeridgian the third.

However the Campanian growth from upto 84 % compared to the Santonian is
like an diversity explosion. Its much greater than the growth
Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian while the diversity in the Maastrichtian diminished,
strangely enough only the number of herbivores diversity went down in the

I wonder if souch an increase of diversity as shown in the Campainan could
point out to a demonstratable attemt to adapt  to a "quickly" changing

With regards
Fred Bervoets