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Re: Marsupials -- on a dino list???

Thylacinids are marsupial carnivores related to the probably now extinct
Thylacine or Marsupial Wolf.  Dasyurids are smaller marsupial carnivores
(including all the living examples of australasian marsupial carnivore
except the Thylacine, if it survives.

>Potoroos?  What are they?

Small kangaroos, a bit bigger than your average squirrel (At least the
living ones; fossil ones were much larger).
>Hypsiprymnidontidae?  Ekaltadeta?  Vat ist das?

Hypsiprymnodon moschatus is the most primitive living kangaroo, the Musky
Rat-Kangaroo, which (among other things) is a non-hopping quadruped and one
of the few diurnal marsupials.  It lives in Northern Queensland rainforests
(I used to see them regularly there).  There are larger fossil relatives in
the family.  Ekaltadelta is a fossil kangaroo relative in a now extinct
lineage (as the quote below indicates).

>>However, basically correct. _Ekaltadeta_ and later propelopines suchs as
>>_Propleopus_ were probably full carnivores. Hoewver the ancestor may have
>>been iscetivorous or omnivorous rather than a herbivore.

The Giant rat-kangaroo, known from the Pleistocene of SW Australia.
>Anyway, I would like to know about these names.  Marsupials, eh?

I suggest you have a browse through "Kadimakara: Extinct Vertebrates of
Australia" edited by Pat Rich et al (Princeton 1985), a handsome book that
even includes a few dinosaurs.
>BTW, can anyone tell me what the HELL this has to do with dinosaurs?  This
>kind of stuff belongs on an EVOLUTION mailing list.  The guy who posted the
>query in the first place was asking for DINOSAURIAN examples!!!

This list has often strayed beyond dinosaurs to examine other animals whose
behavioural, structural or evolutionary traits may shed light on the same
sorts of things in dinosaurs. I, for one, am delighted that it does so.
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