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Cryptozoology is the  study of animals which are alleged to
exist or  are alleged to have existed but for which there is
no proof. Someone suggested the skeptics mailing list for
this purpose. The Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, the yeti, etc
etc belong in cryptozoology. From time to time a real find
is made in this field. There are serious scientists who look
for confirmation of scientific finds re: animals that are
merely unsubstantiated rumor to start out.  

I subscribed to the skeptic-list briefly (3 months)
and found during that time very little on cryptozoology and
just about everything else under the sun being dsicussed.
Perhaps cryptozoology should have a list of its own.  
Literally "cryptozoology" means "hidden or suppressed" zoology.

I agree that this subject does not belong on this list. 
At best one could make a loose connection between this field and
the search for dinosaurs or other prehistoric animals or
rumours thereof. 
Steve Grenard
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