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Diversity Maasrichtian

I allways thought that the number of different kind of dinosaurs was the
greatest in the Maastrichtian.

But much to my surprise i get another answer from my dbase when i asked for
the holotype's from the Late Cretaceous geological stage. 

It seems that the Campanian has 8,7 % more different kind of dinosaurs than
the Maastrichtian. 

While the Campanian shows a explosive growth from upto 84 % compared to the

The number of canivores dinosaurus shows in that time a steady growth from
20 % in the Santonian to 27,3 % in the Campanian and even 32,5 % in the

Even so the number of herbivores goes down 70% 67 % 61,7 %. 

The omnivores in the Santonian were good for 10 % of the diverstity whitin
the dinosaurs and for 5,6 % in the Campanian and Maastichtian. 

With regards
Fred Bervoets