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T. rex eggs & the Coelo/Rio quandary

 2 questions:

   1: May have missed this somewhere in the mail, but what 
is the ICZN's position on the Coelophysis/Rioarribasaurus 
naming quandary as applied to the Ghost Ranch specimens?

   2: In the newest issue of OMNI magazine, someone (forget 
the name, and don't have the issue handy) is claiming to 
have access to _Tyrannosaurus rex_ EGGS? Excuse me, but I 
wasn't aware that any eggs that could definitely be referred 
to _T. rex_ had ever been discovered. Did I miss something, 
or was said author talking through his hat?

Name: Michael Edward Purvis
E-mail: us009472@pop3.interramp.com (Michael Edward Purvis)
Date: 06/23/95
Time: 09:40:26

"I really must stop loaning dinosaurs to folks.." :)