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Marsupials -- on a dino list???

>>_Elkadeltea_, the roo to which I assume you refer was, last I heard, one of
>>potoroos (can't remember their very long subfamily name - begins with

Potoroos?  What are they?

>Your thinking of the Hypsiprymnidontidae (or similar spelling) and no,
>_Ekaltadeta belongs to the propleonidae.

Hypsiprymnidontidae?  Ekaltadeta?  Vat ist das?

> These are omnivorous, and, as far as I recollect, none are more
>>than intermittently herbivorous. The ancestors of _Elkadeltea_, therefore,
>>not like the herbivorous roos you may have been thinking of.

What's all this about Elkadeltea and its ancestors?

>Pronpeolids appear to have been completely carnivourous.


>However, basically correct. _Ekaltadeta_ and later propelopines suchs as
>_Propleopus_ were probably full carnivores. Hoewver the ancestor may have
>been iscetivorous or omnivorous rather than a herbivore.


Anyway, I would like to know about these names.  Marsupials, eh?

BTW, can anyone tell me what the HELL this has to do with dinosaurs?  This
kind of stuff belongs on an EVOLUTION mailing list.  The guy who posted the
query in the first place was asking for DINOSAURIAN examples!!!

Just making a point!!

Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark)