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Konnichiwa, Minasan!

> In Japan he (she? it?) is known, I believe, as "Gojira."

Yes, Japanese call this famous creature as "Gojira."
This name was created from combination of two animal
names a gorilla (GOrira) and a whale (kuJIRA).
"Gojirasaurs" is interesting idea for me.
Because I like the movie, and another famous name "Gamera" 
already appeared in paleontology. (^_^)

The giant Japanese dromaeosaurid was found from Kitadani, 
Katsuyama city, Fukui in 1993.  
The materials were a manual ungual, an astragalus, a foot digit,
a metatarsal.  (I'm not a paleontologist. Please wait the SVP 
paper for complete information.)

Fukui Prefectural Museum exhibited recent dinosaur findings
including these materials in this summer.  The museum published 
fine guidebook (158 pages, hardcover, all color printed).
This book has fine pictures of Japanese dinosaur findings, fossil
bones, footprints, eggs (Three eggs reported from Gifu prefecture
in this spring.  Unfortunately, no data was obtained about this 
discovery because the fossil collector already dead.) 
and skeletal reconstruction of an iganodont dinosaur "Fukui-ryu." 
I don't know this guide book still available or not.

Title     : Tetorisougun no kyoryu.  
              "Dinosaur of the Tetori Group in Japan."
Address : Fukui Prefectural Museum, Omiya 2-19-15,
               Fukui city 910, Japan.
Price     : 2000 yen + postage (big and heavy book!)

Graduate student of 
Muroran Institute of Technology

Michiaki ENDO