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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #18

Sorry about these dribs and drabs, folks, but if I don't get them out when I
see them, they might get lost.

Asterisk after Riojasuchus; it is an ornithosuchid, not a dinosaur. Inclusion
in this list of ornithosuchids (e.g., Ornithosuchus, Dasygnathus,
Riojasuchus, Venaticosuchus) stems from Alick Walker's no-longer-accepted
notion that they were ancestral carnosaurs.

And include

Protoavis Chatterjee, 1991

Although the material has been called a mishmash of the remains of several
different taxa, some of it looks very theropod-like and may represent a
genuine Triassic dino-bird. I'm looking for a definitive opinion on
_Shuvosaurus_, which looks less like an ornithomimid to me than some kind of
lotosaurid or something. The front of the skull shares some characters with
that of _Lotosaurus_ (beak, narial opening caudally placed from tip, shelf at
dentary symphysis), but the back of the skull is different. The convergence
with an ornithomimid skull is striking (I held it in my hands at the
Lawrence, Kansas SVP); there seems to be a bit of jiggery-poker with how the
bones are restored, but not much. I'll keep it in Dinosauria for the moment,
but Ihave my doubts. I wish I could put half an asterisk after the name.