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RE: dino dna

VAn and Kathy SMith replied on 10/28/95:>Thank you for your extremely
interesting information - your postings are the only ones worth reading
lately.  As I have posted before on this list, I firmly believe that the
field of genetics will change paleontology into a more reputable, "harder"
science and open doors to discovery never dreamed of.  Your field is the
next golden science.
>Please keep posting!
>Van Smith

Thanks Van and Kathy.. I'l  try to keep this dino dna line going as long as
I can, and responses like yours are much appreciated. This is indeed an
interesting field, but it can take over your life.  Genetics is and will be
a very large part of any biological science in the years to come. Jurassic
Park science may indeed be a reality in the next 50 to 100 years.  The
present pace of advancement in genetics is overwhelming!. I am lucky to be a
part of it and will continue to contribute whatever I can, albeit miniscule
or perhaps controversial.  The limiting factor is that I can only deal with
what fossils are available, but the rash of new discoveries presents me with
a plethora of material from which to work, providing that the
paleontologists involved are willing to provide samples. I give everyone due
credit and hope that the upcoming technological breakthroughs are of use to
everybody.  What do you two do? Are you paleontologists? How did you get
interested in dinosaurs?