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Re: The Dinosaur Pages

>Hi there people...
>I have been mulling things over about creating a sort of store house of =
>dino info on the WWW for some time.  Now with many of you interested in =
>the genera list, I believe this is an excellent time to try it.
>The basic idea is that I will volunteer to monitor and maintain the =
>pages and index them if I can get you to dig up detailed information.  I =
>am in the process of setting up a front end for this now.  When I get =
>this finished I will post the address of the page and detailed =
>instructions of what the project entails will be on that page.=20
>I hope this is embraced as a good idea by many on the list.  I would =
>really like to see more dino information that is easily accesible to the =
>general public.
>Well, that's it for now... I will be back soon...

   I'm already set up to do this.  Again, I'm sure nobody minds more than
one repository, but there will be duplication of effort.  If you can live
with that so can I.

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