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Re: HTML Dinosaur Genera List

>There was an interest expressed on the DinoNet to have a HTML version of
>the Dinosaur Genera List.  Please, it is not finished, but you can look
>at a preliminary version at:
>Again, it is -not- finished.  There have been no corrections applied.
>That will come in a couple of days.  There are no graphics to speed to download
>of the Web page.  If anyone has any thoughts on how I can make this better
>please let me know.  I can only guess what everyone wants with no input.

   A not-so-fancy version is already available on my web page and *is* up to
date.  It will be full HTML after the upcoming Licking County Annual Rock
and Mineral Show.  I've already set my web page up with a section
specifically for the Dinosaur Mailing List including how to (un)subscribe,
The Dinosaur Mailing List Dictionary, The Dinosaur Mailing List Genera List
and The Dinosaur Mailing List "Type" Definitions.  I'm sure nobody cares if
more than one person keeps these items, but there will be massive
duplication of effort.

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