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The Dinosaur Pages

Hi there people...

I have been mulling things over about creating a sort of store house of =
dino info on the WWW for some time.  Now with many of you interested in =
the genera list, I believe this is an excellent time to try it.

The basic idea is that I will volunteer to monitor and maintain the =
pages and index them if I can get you to dig up detailed information.  I =
am in the process of setting up a front end for this now.  When I get =
this finished I will post the address of the page and detailed =
instructions of what the project entails will be on that page.=20

I hope this is embraced as a good idea by many on the list.  I would =
really like to see more dino information that is easily accesible to the =
general public.

Well, that's it for now... I will be back soon...

*Douglas K McLemore* aka *The Highlander*