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>> >All I
>> >could think up was that possibly carnivorous mid-Tertiary kangaroo
>> >(featured in Paleoworld once).  (writes Rob)
>_Elkadeltea_, the roo to which I assume you refer was, last I heard, one of the
>potoroos (can't remember their very long subfamily name - begins with

Your thinking of the Hypsiprymnidontidae (or similar spelling) and no,
_Ekaltadeta belongs to the propleonidae.

 These are omnivorous, and, as far as I recollect, none are more
>than intermittently herbivorous. The ancestors of _Elkadeltea_, therefore, were
>not like the herbivorous roos you may have been thinking of.

Pronpeolids appear to have been completely carnivourous.
>BTW, _Elkadeltea_ was (last I heard) a short faced creature.

Sound slke some confusion with the sthenurine kangaroos. _Ekaltadeta_ had a
relatively long face.

However, basically correct. _Ekaltadeta_ and later propelopines suchs as
_Propleopus_ were probably full carnivores. Hoewver the ancestor may have
been iscetivorous or omnivorous rather than a herbivore.

Cheers, Paul