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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #16

Change the listing for Ischyrosaurus to read as follows:

Ischyrosaurus Hulke, 1874 vide Lydekker, 1888/Cope, 1869

This genus was created by Hulke in an unpublished manuscript circa 1874 for
British sauropod remains, which Lydekker noted in his 1888 catalogue of
fossil reptiles in the British Museum. So Lydekker "outed" Hulke's name. It
is, however, preoccupied by Cope's 1869 Ischyrosaurus (in the Extinct
Batrachia volume), which if I remember correctly is a junior synonym of
Ischyrotherium that Cope tried to create when he learned that his
Ischyrotherium was not mammalian but a reptile.

And update the listing for Jinshanosaurus (note spelling change), which is no
longer a nomen nudum, to the following:

Jingshanosaurus Zhang & Yang, 1995

The genera count remains stable at 771.