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re:herbs to carns (umpity ump)

>        Well, nice try. Your average rat is a generalist omnivore as I
>understand it. Truthfully, I don't think that there are any great examples
>of the carn-herb transition, except maybe in invertebrates. Some of my
>recent discussions with digestive physiologists and mammalogists have
>illuminated me...

I mentioned this before, but no one seems to have picked up on it, so...
what about the Grasshopper Mouse?  Walker's Mammals of the  World (5th ed.,
Vol 1, p. 655) notes:

"Although plant material is eaten at times, grasshopper mice are largely
carnivorous.  The diet includes grasshoppers, beetles and a variety of other
insects.  Onchomys torridus preys exclusively on scorpions.  Grasshopper
mice also eat small vertebrates, including rodents such as Peromyscus,
Perognathus and Microtus.  The prey is generally stalked, siezed with a
rush, and then killed by a bite in the head...."

Surely these critters qualify as carnivores descended from herbivores?
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