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A myriad of refs (one on dino. extinction).

Stuart H. Hurlbert, and J. David Archibald (1995).
No statistical support for sudden (or gradual) extinction of dinosaurs 
GEOLOGY, V. 23, p. 881-884.
[not too sure about this one.]

M. J. Benton, and M. J. Simms (1995) 
Testing the marine and continental fossil records 
GEOLOGY, v. 23(7) , p. 601-604.
[more from Benton, who still continues to amaze me.]

Paul G. Davis, and Derek E. G. Briggs (1995)
Fossilization of feathers 
GEOLOGY, v. 23, p. 783-786.
[very good. Derek continues to produce them.]

Mueller-W-E-G.  Mueller-I-M.  Rinkevich-B.  Gamulin-V (1995)
"Molecular Evolution: Evidence for the Monophyletic Origin of Multicellular
Naturwissenschaften, v. 82, p. 36.
[paper is too small for my liking.]

Brian T. Huber, David A. Hodell, and Christopher P. Hamilton (1995)
"Middle-Late Cretaceous climate of the southern high latitudes: Stable
isotopic evidence
for minimal equator-to-pole thermal gradients."
GSA Bulletin, v. 107(10), p. 1164-1191.
[bound to through some debate on the Cretaceous climate.]

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