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Re: There be dragons

>From: bz050@freenet.carleton.ca (Ben S. Roesch)
 > >Please, please spare us this ignorant drivel about living monsters on a
 > >discussion list about REAL dinosaurs.
 > Ignorant drivel?!
 > Why is it ignorant drivel, anyways?

A. there is insufficient evidence that there is really anything there
   to study at all.

B. the fossil record for the Cenozoic is far better than for prior
   eras, and no trace of *any* non-avian dinosaurs are known from
   *any* post-Paleocene sediments (and even there they are almost
   certainly reworked from prior sediments).

C. if such a large animal still existed, it would be fairly easy
   to loate and verify.
 > Cryptozoology is full of speculation, and so is dinosaurology.

Cryptozoology is nothing but speculation combined with unverified,
and unreliable, second-hand reports.

Paleontology is largely a proper science making use of verifiable,
and easily observable data (the fossils and geology).  It is only
at the very cutting edge, so to speak, that it involves much speculation.
[And Dr. Bakker almost certainly goes overboard in that department].

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