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>If I'm not mistaken, Leatherback "warn-bloodedness" is a function of
>their size and muscular exertion.  Their young are quite decidedly
>ectothermic--which is why they breed on warm water coasts.
This is true.

>I'm not ready for a warm blooded plesiosaur in the mammalian, avian, or
>(arguably) dinosaurian sense--where's the evidence for this.  If
>Nessie's a plesiosaur, all the little Nessies would freeze before they
>developed to a size that could cope with cold water.
This is flase(IMHO). The size of the Nessie's seen as been recorded as
quite big- therefore the monster title. If these are the adults, than
thier offspring would probably still be as large as a medium sized leatherback
turle, and therefore big enough to sustain inertial homeothermy. 

And on a more dinosaurian topic, were the waters cold around Antarctica in
the Mesozoic... I'm asking because I knwo they found Kronosaur remains
there a few years back, and if the waters were as cold as Loch Ness back
then, and was inhabited by kronosaurs.. well, you get my point(I hope!).