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Re: There be dragons

>Please, please spare us this ignorant drivel about living monsters on a
>discussion list about REAL dinosaurs.

Ignorant drivel?!
Why is it ignorant drivel, anyways?
I think you're ignorant to disclose the possibility of a dinosaurian
survival or giant lizards or what be it wihtout providing any good arguments.
Besides, if this animal _does_ turn out to be a _real_ live dinosaur, then
wouldn't it be very interesting indeed? In that case, we should be
discussing(for those who wish to participate) how the animal lives, what
it eats, what it looks like and anything else that comes to mind. Isn't
this what you do when you look at a dinosaur? You look at it, and think:
what did it look like in real life, what did it eat, how did it reproduce,
what were it's survival techniques?

Cryptozoology is full of speculation, and so is dinosaurology. When you
and Bob Bakker drew Dienonychus with feathers, that was complete
speculation. And when I propose the idea that dinosaurs could have
survived to this day, a theory which has more backup evidence than
feathered-dienonychus, you just scoff.

I don't see any logic in your statement.