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Re: Bison alticornis

In a message dated 95-10-27 14:46:05 EDT, Robert.J.Meyerson@uwrf.edu (Rob
Meyerson) writes:

>>The type specimen is a pair of long horn-cores from the Lance Formation,
>>which was not well dated in those days. Marsh used the horn cores as
>>for a Pleistocene dating for the formation when he coined _Bison
>>for them. He didn't take long to retract this view, however. By the next
>>year, he had them in the late Cretaceous and was calling them _Ceratops
>Wasn't this animal later renamed under Triceratops?

Yes, its current "resting place" is as _Triceratops alticornis_. It should
probably be synonymized with _Triceratops horridus_, but then the trivial
name _alticornis_ would take priority over _horridus_.