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Re: Thanks...

>Thanks to everybody who replied to my post... I know now this is a friendly=
 list and I don't need to be worried about being ignored...
>I do have another question?
>I have wanted to undertake this project for quite some time but hesitate to=
 embark on it without help from others...  This is what I want to do....
>I would like to set up a series of web pages which is basically like an=
 extended version of the genera list...  Each genera will have its own page=
 with info and cross references with other generas of similar types, etc.. I=
 guess it would be like a HTML version of The Dinosauria... Except different=
>Well, what do you people think?  Is there any interest?  And if so, I would=
 definitely need some help gathering information... =20

It's a great idea!  The problem I've ran across while net-surfing is that=
 there is no way to access technical data, only general overviews and=
 introductions to different groups.  I may not be able to add too much for=
 reference material, but I will see what I can come up with.


Q.  What arthropod was good with computers?

A.  The Trilobyte.