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Re: Resusitate the dinonet

 >     This is an appeal to all the gradutae students and (other) 
professional paleontologists, as well as those extremely well versed in 
paleo and/or biology and zoology.
      The dinonet is gasping for air.  The many really in depth, 
fascinating, technical discussions that permeated the net when I first 
signed on have evaporated.  The slew of taxonomic discussions that have 
popped up recently over the dinosaur dictionary are interesting, sure, 
but there is a lot more to dinosaurology than that to discuss.  It seems 
like for the past week that all the messages:
1) are related to names and taxonomy
2) dinosaur toys
3) have nothing to do with dinosaurs   
      There have been a couple discussions that have tried to get 
interesting and technical, but fizzled out without much in being sadi in 
real depth.  us nonprofessionals can kick stuff around a little, but we 
need more than a couple of the professionals to get in there ind start 
jamming.  Save the dinonet!

LN Jeff<        

Well said, and urgently in need of implementation.

Roger A. Stephenson