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Loch Ness Monster

>Sorry - change that subject!  It should be
>       LOCHNESS MONSTER        
Did that!

>The idea that nessie is a herbivore won't h old water any more
>than the idae that it is some kind of giant carnivore.  The
>fish fauna of the Loch would only support one 250 kg. animal
>at a time, which puts out of bounds the idea of a Plesiosaur,
>or other fish-eater.  But the water of the Loch is nearly
>opaque, the colour of strong tea, from peat acids, and the
>pH is rather low.  The result is that there is almost no plant
>life either.  The fish that are found there feed on detritus
>washed in from upstream (either directly or through a vary
>very short food-chain).  Even they do not have enough plant
>life to feed on.  So how is a giant herbivore  going to make
The herbivore theory was just a wild specualtion on my part, and you make
good points to put that theory away...BTW, Daviud, you're on the NCF, check
out my Cryptozoology SIG...go crypt-zoo...