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Re: There be dragons

>In a message dated 95-10-26 11:17:20 EDT, egood@vax7.curtin.EDU.AU writes:
>>I've noticed some mention of the mokele-mbembe, Nessie and their ilk
>Just to point out there are also mentions of "dragons" in our ancient
>history.  Namely St. George and the dragon.  The whole concept of a dragon in
>what little remnants we have of our ancient oral history seems to be
>consistent with some kind of dino surviving.  
Also, there's the "dragon" of Ischatar gates in ancient Babylon. It shows
a dinosaur-like beast  and there a lots of them that cover a big wall.
Some think this could be representing ancient encounters with a
mokele-mbembe type animal.

>As to Loch Ness, there appears to be somthing fairly large swimming around in
>that loch for perhaps hundreds of years.  Whether it is a sino or not, we
>won't know until we catch it.
That's my view too!