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Re: phylogenetics

> True species identification cannot be based on morphology alone, nor can
> morphology predict common ancestral states in a phylogenetic analysis.
> Genetic sequences can do this, and as technology progresses, like it is in
> our lab, the burden will largely be on the morphologists to reconcile their
> data with the genetic data. 

     Even if someone someday comes up with a complete dinosaur DNA 
strand, this is not going to help much with dinosaur taxonmy.
Even assuming the dinosaur species of the DNA can somehow be identified, 
maybee by cloning or whatever, there will be no other dinosaur DNA strands from 
other species to compare it to.  Genetic material from extinct organisms 
isn't happened across that frequently, certainly not as frequently as 
dinosaur fossils, and no one has proven that any DNA taken from insects 
in Mesozoic amber belongs to dinosaurs as far as I know.  Osteology is 
all paleontologists have to go on to determine species as horribly 
uncertain as it may be, and unless a miricle happens it probably 
always will be.

LN Jeff