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Re: carnivores descended from hrbivores.

> >> they are still descended
> >> from hoofed  animals as I stated.
> >
> >    I'm tempted to post the (probably well-known) story about Cuvier and 
> >the student who tried to frighten him . . .
> Go for it - I don't know the story.  Do I sense that I am going to be the
> butt of it?  Oh, well...
    The story is that one of his students put on a devil's costume and, as a 
prank, he and several of his friends crept into Cuvier's bedroom late one 
night. The student woke Cuvier and said "Cuvier, Cuvier . . . I am the Devil, 
and I've come to eat you!"
    Cuvier, great anatomist that he was, opened one eye and looked squarely 
at the figure. "Creatures with hoofs and horns are herbivorous," he declared. 
"You *cannot* eat me."
    And, with that, Cuvier rolled over and promptly went back to sleep.
-= Tuck =-