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good photo of Goodwin's good work

_California Monthly_ (The magazine of the California Alumni
Association), November 1995, p. 11, has a nifty photo by Greg
Erickson of the new T. rex cast at UC Berkeley.  Worth going
to see.  The caption reads:

RISE OF A TYRANT:  Everybody needs a pet, and the Valley Life
Sciences Building just got one of the biggest:  a full-sized
cast of a _Tyrannosaurus rex_.  A virtually complete skeleton
of the meat-eating dinosaur, which weighed three to five tons
and lived 66 million years ago, was discovered in 1988 on a
ranch near Bozeman, Montana.  Cast in polyurethane resin, a
copy of the skeleton was acquired by Berkeley's Museum of
Paleontology.  It was largely paid for by private donations,
including some $5 gifts by school kids.  After a team led by
senior museum scientist Mark Goodwin spent three months
assembling the 40-foot-long skeleton, T-rex now curves around
the elegant VLSB atrium.

        George Pesely
        Clarksville, TN