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Re: Mokele-Mbembe and kin

>I've noticed some mention of the mokele-mbembe, Nessie and their ilk of 
>late, and I think I remember in _Lost World_ <?> Levine mentioning that 
>some people thought the buru, from Irian Jaya, was actually a ceratopian.
>Thing is though, from what I've read on it, it is actually more along the 
>lines of a crocodile, or large squamatan. 
Chricton got his facts mixed up! The Buru _is_ a real "monster", but it
dosen't live in Irian Jaya. There's a lot of info on it in Roy Mackal's
_IN Search of Hidden Animals_ book, an dit lives or rather lived (Mackal
thinks it has gone extinct, but did exist at one ppoint) in the Himalyas
region in Asia. It is reported to be a sort of giant monitor lizard, and
reports of these sorts of creatures occur not only in the Himalyas rewgion
but in Bhutan and India. Re Crichton's Irian Jayan "buru" he is not
completly wrong. There are also reports of giant monitor like lizards
living in New Guinea. In fact in an episode for AC Clarkes Mysterious
world, a British guy was interviewed becaus ehe saaid he'd seen one of
these giant lizards. Also, Sir John Blasford Snell has gone after these
lizards, and Karl Shuker tells me he has an article being published in
FATE soon dealing with modern-day mystery "dragons".

Another mystery "dragon" was observed by a hermit naturalist who lives
below one of those magnificent and extremely intriguing tepuis in
Venezuela. There's an article on these tepuis in Nat. Geo May 89. Really
interesting article and it contains a description of the mystery reptiles
the naturalist saw. He said they were about three feet in length, not big,
but very interesting. They were, as he repotred, very dinosaur like, and
had long necks and scale covered fins. hey were supposed to look very
lkike pleisosaurs(probably the elasmosaur). Sciwentists said they were a
new species of otter, with a long-neck, but the naturalist(his nam eis
Alexander Laime, and he's about 80 now) said that that was improbable
because the rivers on the tepuis do not contain fish, which is an otters
principal food - well, at least the ones known to science.

Then there's the Goro monster in Italy, the Tatzelwurm in Switzerland,
Indonesian "dinosaurs"... the list goes on and on.. and it's juts dinoaur
like cryptids(unknwon animal).

>Does anybody have any info or 
>refernces on the varying types of weird wee beasties like this? The only 
>really good one I can name is Tim Dinsdale's ( I think he wrote it) _The 
>Leviathans_, which is moreover about the different types of aquatic 
>monsters of the world.
 There are a lto of bookson cryptozoology and a lot of magazines and
magazine articles on them too. I myself have a crypto SIG(SPecial Interest
Group) set up on my local freenet, which can be reached by telnet at:, or through gopher(it';'s called the National Capital
Freenet). Login as guest and type "go crypt-zoo"(wihtout qoutes) at any
Your Choice==> prompt. If you liek it, you can register on the freenet for
free, and then you can post stuuf...

Anyways, here's a list of cryptozoology books and magazines.. enjoy!




Copyright Ben S. Roesch, 1995.

_Cryptozoology Periodicals_

The following is a list of English periodicals that contain
cryptozoological matter quite often. The list is not in alphabetical
order. The letters in the brackets after membership or subscription price
is the currency that the price is in. For example if it is: 18$ (US), it
tells us that the money is U.S.A. dollars. 

Cryptozoology. Published by the International Society of Cryptozoology(ISC),
P.O. Box 43070, Tucson AZ,  USA 85733. A yearly scientific publication
about 150 pages long. Membership to the ISC: 25$. Very Good.

ISC Newsletter. Included in membership a long with Cryptozoology.
Quarterly. Filled with news items, conference reports, book reviews and
much more. Very Good.

Strange Magazine. P.O. Box 2246, Rockville, Maryland, USA 20847. Twice
every year. Suscription: 17.95(US) for two years(4 issues). Has a
cryptozoology section a few pages long that's in the magazine evry month
and there are articles every month. Also contains articles on UFO's
etc. Very good.

INFO Journal. The International Fortean Organization. P.O. Box 367,
Arlington, Virginia, USA 22210-0367. Quarterly. 16$ (US).

Pursuit. S.I.T.U., P.O. Box 265, Little Silver, New Jersey, USA 07

Fortean Times. Dept. WWW PO Box 754 Manhasset, NY USA 11030-0754
Bi-Monthly(6 issues). 40$ (CAN). Very Good.

_Cryptozoology Books_

I've included the publication info when possible and I have written some
notes for some of the books. They are not, however, in alphabetical order.
If you are interested in ordering one or more books, just E-Mail me. The
list is far from complete, but it should be enough for now. 

On the Track of Unknown Animals by Bernard Heuvelmans. Hill and Wang, 1958.

        This book is out of print, but if you can find it in a library, or if
you order it from a out-of-print bookstore, you will be pleasantly
surprised. This book is written by the so-called "Father of
Cryptozoology", Bernard Heuvelmans, and it includes a lot of very good,
interesting accounts and possible solutions for many mysterious animals.

In the Wake of the Sea-Serpents by Bernard Heuvelmans. Hill and Wang, 1968.

        This is a encyclopediacal volume, consisting of over 600 pages. It
covers pretty much every sea serpent sighting from antiquity to the
1960's. It is excellent. Unforteanatly, it is out of print, but it can be
gotten through mail-order out-of-print book searches. 

A Living Dinosaur? by Roy P. Mackal. E J Brill, 1987.

        An excellent account of this biochemist's journey to the Congo in
search of Mokele-Mbembe, a supposed living dinosaur. It's very good, with
a lot of information, interesting travelougue and many photographs.

Searching for Hidden Animals by Roy P. Mackal. Doubleday, 1980.

A very interesting book, though not as exhaustive as B. Heuvelman's, On
the Track of Unknown Animals. Contains chapters on living pterosaurs and
dinosaurs, sea serpents, mystery animals of South America, lake
monsters and more. Out of print. 

Unexplained! by Jerome Clark. Visible Ink Press, 1993.

An encyclopedia of unexplained natural phenomena, including several
entries relating to cryptozoology.

Monsters of the Sea by Richard Ellis. Alfred Knopf, 1994.

An excellent book surveying sea monsters around the world. Chapters
include: Sea Serpents, Giant Squid, Giant Octopi, Sharks, Whales, Mermaids
and sea-folk and more. Many illustrations and photos.

There are Giants in the Sea by Michael Bright. Robson Books, 1989.

An interesting book of more recent sea serpent sightings. Chapters
include: Giant Squid/Kraken, Giant Octopi and sea serpent carcasses, what
sea serpents are and more. Could be out-of-print.

Drums Along the Congo by Rory Nugent. Houghton Mifflin, 1993.

A very well written travelogue of this man's search for Mokele-Mbembe,
using traditional African ways to find the beast rather than technology.
Some interesting photos, including two of two mysterious things.

Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us by John Green. Hancock House. 1978.

A very exhaustive but interesting look at Sasquatch and other ape-men in
North America. One chapter on other ape-men around the world.

Big Footprints by Grover Krantz. Johnson Printing Co. 1992.

A more scientific look at Sasquatch. Chapters include analyses of the
footprints, the Patterson Film, other ape-men, ecology, what it is etc.
Good for the educated lay-person.

The Lost Ark by Karl Shuker. Harper Collins, 1993. 

An excellent survey of every new or redicovered animal in the 20th
Century. Lots of very rare and nice photos and it is well written.
Chapters seperated into Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians, Birds,
Invertebrates, Fishes and The Future.

Mystery Cats of the World by Karl Shuker. 

The first comprehensive book devoted to mystery cats of the world.
Includes: Kellas Cat, Surrey pumas and Exmoor beasts, Scitimar Cats,
Onzas, multicolored tigers and many more.

Extroardinary Animals Worldwide by Karl Shuker.

A book filled with illustrations old and new. This book covers the world's
most starnge and unusual animals. Included; Mono Grande, Blue Rhinos,
Gulper Eels and more.

Mysterious America by Loren Coleman. 

This good book includes chapters on North American lions, apes and other
cryptozoological animals, among other mysterious topics.

Ogopogo by Arlene Gaal.

This book contains many sightings and other evidence sugesting that a lake
monster does inhabit Lake Okanagan. Includes a chronology of Ogopogo

Curious Encounters by Loren Coleman.

Contains chapters on sea serpents, giant squid and living pterosaurs,
among other mysterious topics. 

Tom Slick and the Search for the Yeti by Loren Coleman. 

This book looks at the now decesed Texas oil-man, Tom Slick,
and his cryptozoology expeditions.

Biological Anomalies: Humans Part 3 by William Corliss.

A collection of research, articles and news clippings relevant to the
ape-men of the world: Bigfoot/Sasquatch, Yeti, Almas and many others.
Very Good.

Bigfoot Digest by Mark Opsasnick.

A chronological listing of over 400 Maryland Bigfoot and monster sightings
and references. 

Sasquatch-Bigfoot by Don Hunter with Rene Dahinden.

The chronicles of Dahindens 40 year search for the Sasquatch/Bigfoot.
>From Dahinden's prespective he talks of the Patterson film, history of the
Sasquatch, scientist's opinions and more. Good Photos.

More than Myth by Michael Bradley. 

This Toronto man's search for the monster of Muskrat Lake, Northwest of
Ottawa. The book contains sightings, expedition details, and clues to what
"Mussie" could be. Interesting photos.

Champ: Beyond the Legend by Joseph Zarzynski.

This book looks at the monster of Lake Champlain. Very good. Includes a
chronological table of all sightings of the beast. Good photos and

The Kingdom of the Octopus by Frank Lane. 

A fascinating look at the life of the octopus and squid that inhabit are
oceans. Cryptozoological chapters include: Giant squid, Giant Octopi. Very
interesting, but out of date. 

Lake Monster Traditions by Michel Meurger.

This book is very well written, has many very good and rare illustrations
and photos. Includes a field study of over 20 monster infested Quebec
lakes and has a lot of unpublished info on other lake monsters around the