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For the last month (or so) I've been forced to lurk in *observer land*,
because our entire system has been without e-mail send capability.  I've
been able to receive... (on again- off again) so I've been able to keep up
with the goings on.

Glad to see that Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark) has been keeping things
moving along...  Keep it up!

Anyway... on to my question:

As an educator, I'm always looking for new and better materials related to
dinosaurs and paleo-research.  I've been using the CD-ROM... PREHISTORIA
(A Multi Media Who's Who of Prehistoric Life) by Grolier (1994).  It's
well done... packed with a lot of nice material, but I'm wondering:

             Does anyone have any information related
             to new versions (or similar PC products)?

As a side note to Rachel's search for good dinosaur books...

        The Age of Dinosaurs; by Peter Dodson, Ph. D., (1993)
 It's informative, good graphics, very nicely put together.  Ken Carpenter
from the Denver Museum of NH was a major contributor to the book.

-= Ken =- 

****   kferrant@njlink.pppl.gov   ****