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Re: USA Today article on DMNH

>From: Stang1996@aol.com
 > 'Prehistoric Journey' Exhibition at the 
 > Denver Museum of Natural History.
 >   Visitors walk along a time trail that winds through natural habitat 
 > scenes and "enviroramas" re-creating fossil quarry sites from specific 
 > locations in North America.

I have just returned from Denver, where I visited thsi exhibit.

I was quite impressed.  Not only were there lots of nice dioramas
and fossils, there were lots of educational explanatory displays.
These included a demonstration of natural selection and a demonstration
of stratigraphic correlation.
 >  Highlight: an 
 > 80-foot _Diplodocus_ skeleton that towers over a brawling 
 > _Allosaurus_ and a _Stegosaurus_.

And the Stegosaurus has a full set of throat ossicles.
 >    /The Denver Museum of Natural History, 2001 Colorado Blvd., is 10 
 > minutes east of downtown.  Hours: Monday-Wednesday, noon-5 
 > p.m.; Thursday-Friday, noon-9 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday, 9 a.m.-5p.m. 
 >  Museum tickets, which include admission to 'Prehistoric Journey,' 
 > are $4.50 for adults, $2.50 for children.  Information, 800-925-2250./

Advice: if you plan to go, get an *advance* reservation, or you might
not be allowed in.

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