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Out of the Shadows

Hello Dino-Listers...

I am one of the infamous lurkers that has been hanging out on this list for 
quite some time now.  I felt it was time for me to introduce myself.  So here 

My name is Doug McLemore and I am Chemistry grad student at Colorado State 
University.  Why am I on this list?  Cause I have always been fascinated with 
dinosaurs.  I even had thought about a career in paleontology at one time but 
the opportunities back in my home state (Michigan) for going to school for that 
were very slim.  Anyway... I guess you could say I am a self-taught amateur.  

Well, enough of that.  I do have a question.  I have seen all these questions 
and corrections to the Dinosaur Genera List.  I was wondering how I would be 
able to recieve or retrieve a copy of the List?  It is something I have been 
looking for, for quite some time now...

Well, I guess I have rambled long enough...  I hope to become more of a regular 
contributor to the conversations of the LIst....

Douglas K McLemore